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ClassDojo means to help teachers improve students behavior and communicate more with parents.

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It is a digital classroom management tool where each student gets an avatar. Students can personalize the avatar and teachers can create goals to track. Teachers can give students scores and display them on a smart board, and then generate reports and send them to parents.

ClassDojo helps teachers and parents educate kids well and convenient.

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ClassDojo is a beautiful, safe, and simple communication app for teachers, parents, and students.

* Teachers can encourage students for any skill, like “Working hard” and “Teamwork”
* Teachers can bring parents into the classroom experience by sharing photos, videos, and announcements
* Students can add their classwork easily to their own digital portfolios for their parents to see
* Teachers can also safely and instantly message with any parent
* Parents see their child’s updates at home, as well as a stream of photos and videos from school
* All your favorite teacher tools, like Group Maker and Noise Meter, are now in one place!

ClassDojo helps tighten the feedback loop between students, teachers and parents. Teachers can collect more information about students and give them feedback instantly. Parent feedback also helps teacher educate students well and form good behavior.


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  • Version:4.33.1
  • Category: Education
  • Developer:ClassDojo
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