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Winmail.dat Opener” is a free app to open those pesky ‘winmail.dat’ attachments. This app is free of charge and fully functional, giving you access to the files without any need for further in-app purchases. The optional in-app-purchase will remove ads.

Winmail.dat Opener App

The winmail.dat file contains Rich Text Format information for the message but usually cannot be opened by the normal e-mail clients. Winmail.dat files are in fact called T.N.E.F. files (Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format). Microsoft Outlook e-mail for Windows send e-mails in TNEF format, but most other e-mail clients or applications do not understand TNEF. The app will extract the winmail.dat file on your device, then you can preview, resend or print or save them.

Winmail.dat Opener App For Mobile

Normally, you just need to open the context menu of the winmail.dat attachment in your email client, then select “Winmail.dat Opener”. But if you cannot find “Winmail.dat Opener” in the context menu., you can turn to the second method. By saving the winmail.dat attachment on your phone and starting the “Winmail.dat Opener” app afterward, you can then select the previously saved file successfully.


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  • Developer:Tobias Reinhardt
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