Candy Crush Saga - Review & Download

★ Top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats

❍ 1. Find the pattern

Memorize those patterns can lead to special candies and set them up.

❍ 2. Start at the bottom

Crush candies from the bottom gives you more space and moves.

❍ 3. Go for combos

Make two combinations together will help you wipe out half the board.

❍ 4. Know the stripes

If a candy is moved horizontally, they will be a horizontal line, and will explode horizontally.

❍ 5. Assess the threats

Usually kill low number bombs first, then chocolate and blocks.

Candy Crush Saga
❍ 6. Clear jellies on the edge

Jellies on the corners and bottoms are hard to erase, so have a deep thought before moving.

❍ 7. Make a plan

New levels will get harder and harder, so make a plan and pause between moves.

❍ 8. Understand chocolate

Chocolate will avoid special candy, fruit or nut, and try to remove chocolate each round before they regenerate.

❍ 9. +5 Candy is a good helper

A candy chain with +5 will add 5 seconds to a time trial level.

❍ 10. Cheat time for extra lives

Go to Settings to change the date, adding two hours forward and you will get four more lives in the game.

Candy Crush Saga has more than 100 million daily active users now, the game has set off more than 500 points and several modes to play.

Not only it has the most beautiful interfaces, but also the way to achieve next goal is extremely attractive. It has been given the name of Candy Legend. So what are you waiting for? Download it now and challenge your brain with it!

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