Cat Parkour – PK Sprint - Review & Download

Cat Parkour is a very interesting parkour game.
Choose one of your favorite cats, enjoy the most exciting parkour time, and collect gold coins on endless roads. Explore the new world and pursue the fastest speed to avoid cars and trains coming and going on dangerous roads.

Game Cat Parkour – PK Sprint

A variety of modes are available for you to choose, endless mode and PK sprint mode. In racing mode, you can get many rewards, diamonds, coins or props. Upgrade your items, such as big shoes, double the score, skateboarding, etc. The PK mode is the most popular among the players, not only to get rich rewards but also to enjoy the most exciting Parkour games.

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Features of Game Cat Parkour:

1. 3D cat parkour game
2. Sprint with PK in the competition
3. Select multiple scenes to run
4. Get as much gold as possible
5. Run fastest
6. Be careful to avoid obstacles
7. Upgrade various items, magnet stones, planes or dual rewards
8. Suitable for people of all ages
9. Very interesting background music
10. Very sensitive operation

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