Metal Shooter: Run and Gun - Review & Download

In the 2200s, the Earth Defense Team discovered there were unusual signs on an island, so sent a spy team to investigate. News sent to indicate that the whole island was occupied by an army of robots. Immediately a special task force with elite warriors and most modern equipment was sent to the island with the mission to destroy their base.
Play as a special warrior, invade the enemy base and destroy them all.

Game Metal Shooter: Run and Gun

You will face extremely dangerous enemies, destroy them before they get close. Straight into battle, defeating super bosses, creating impressive fighting scenes like action movies.

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You lose a life if you touch an enemy or their shells or take the entire network being falls into, and then you will have to use the original default weapon. When destroying each enemy you will receive a certain amount of gold, if you run out of lives, you can continue playing by using gold or watching videos.
There are many useful items that you can collect in the game like gold coins, powerful bullets, including the life.

Features Game Metal Shooter
– beautiful HD graphics and extremely unique.
– Impressive and interesting gameplay.
– How to play traditional role-playing games.

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