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PUBG Mobile hit the ground running upon its releases. It already has over ten million downloads and nearly a million user reviews. Thankfully, it’s actually a very competent mobile FPS. It features simple, effective controls, decent graphics. and a simple premise. Basically, 100 people drop from a plane onto an island and duke it out until only one is left standing. The island is littered with gear, weapons, and vehicles along with a mechanic that lowers the play area over time to keep matches from lasting too long. Recent updates added new game modes as well as a freemium element. PUBG Mobile Lite is a lighter version of the game with fewer players per match and lower graphical settings. It’s only available for some devices, though. Fornite is another excellent option if you don’t mind downloading the game directly from Epic Games instead of Google Play.

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When participating in the game, you will join 99 other players parachuting into an uninhabited island 8×8 km to participate in the survival battle. The board will narrow down, players must run to bo to survive. Collect guns and equipment, fight action with other players and use all tactics to be able to survive in the end.

High quality HD Graphics and Audio
The powerful Unreal Engine 4, delivers an impressive graphics experience with crisp details, realistic play effects and huge HD maps for Battle Royale. Feel like you are in an active state when you play with high quality sound, overwhelming 3D sound effects and 7.1 channel surround sound.


Weapons like real
The killer arsenal continues to expand, including guns, melee weapons and throwing weapons with projectiles and real-life trajectories, giving you the option to shoot, knock down or burn opponents. Well, do you like pans? We have pans.

Impressive move
Appropriating a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, motorbikes and boats to hunt down enemy troops, race to the play area or make a quick escape.

Collaborate with friends
Survive the battle with friends. Invite and coordinate with friends, arrange battle plans through voice chat and organize a perfect ambush.

Fair play environment
Use powerful anti-fraud mechanisms to ensure a fun and fair playing environment for everyone playing PUBG MOBILE.


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